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Where Can You Read Webcomics?

What are webcomics? Webcomics are comics published on the internet and/or mobile apps. That way more people can enjoy them from anywhere. There are different websites for webcomics that artists can use to digitally publish their work whether they use a publishing company or self-publish their work on these websites. Now that the internet is easy to access from all over the world with the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. So webcomics websites are on a rise as well with the new influx of readers. There are different websites for comics artists to upload their comics to their readers. The well-known websites would be Tumblr and Line Webtoons. These sites are helpful to anyone looking to discover new comics to read.  

Tumblr has been a creative outlet for artists who want to share their work and gain a following to help promote their page. Tumblr would be a website for beginner comics artists to share their style of drawing to slowly get viewers interested in the story of the comic or for advanced artists who would just share their works with their viewers. The artist can share a short scene or full page of the comic. This way the artists do not have to meet a deadline to turn in their work to a publisher and they could take their time to get make their comics right for their viewers. The viewers do not have to follow the artists. They just follow the tag or keywords for a comic genre.  

Line Webtoon is one of the most popular apps and websites for comics artists to share their work. The viewer can follow the comics series to keep up to date with the latest installment.